Innovative company SFM-PHARM (belongs within GC "SFM") is included in the Biotechnopark cluster, and this very company was the initiator of the project. SFM-Pharm entered as a resident with its own finished pharmaceutical project.



The company built the first two buildings of eight planned for one year. There are laboratory and engineering research units and an electron-beam processing centre.

The technology of electron-beam synthesis is the main focus of the company's production. On its basis, they established well-known trombolytic "Trombovazim" and a range of other medicine products, being at different stages of clinical and preclinical studies.

The holding structure also includes a "Siberian Centre for Pharmacology and Biotechnology" - one of the leading companies in the region, related to biotechnologies.

The Chairman of the board of PC 'SFM' is Andrey Bekarev.

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