Requirements on residents

In need to acquire a residential status Koltsovo Biotechnopark:

1. The organization has to be registered in an orderly manner on the territory of naukograd Koltsovo, and possess a clear tax and administrative accountancy for the holding company.

2. Correspondence of planned projects to Biotechpoark subject orientation.

3. Warranty of fulfilling the taken responsibilities in the amount of investments, quantity of necessary work-places, and meeting dead-lines.

The applicant may file an application in person or through internet, by filling out a proper form on the «Become a resident» page. The application holds a formal description of an organization, it’s essential elements and a summary of a project. We would like you to pay special attention to description of company’s experience in implementing projects on the biotechnologies field and the fitting of the new project to such orientation.

In an occasion of a positive outcome the applicant submits a following package of documents to the public corporation “Management Company “Biotechnopark”:

- notarized copies of articles of association: regulation; warrant of corporation’s official enrolement;  warrant of corporation’s tax registration certificate;

- certified (both signature and stamp) by the head of corporation: resolution/record of corporation’s establishment; resolution/record of appointing the head of corporation; order of appointment the head of corporation; informative note of assigning a government statistics code;

- single public register of corporations extract (extract from the unified state register of legal entities) less than a month old.

- list of (business activities)activity categories pending (conducted for) two years prior to the date of (applying for being a resident)filing an application for stationing at the bio-industrial park. In case if functioning period is less than two years, describe the activity categories that have occurred during the whole functioning period.

- types, reference numbers and quantity of goods produced and (or) realized by the applicant pending two years prior to the date of filing an application, or for the whole production period in case it is less than two years.

- Applicant’s balance sheet considering the last reporting date condition prior to the date of filing an application. In case if the applicant does not accommodate bookkeeper’s records to the rating authority, other documentation on taxes and dues provided by the current legislation of Russian Federation is applicable.

- list of affiliated people with economic entity. Indication of reasons for putting each person on the list is necessary.

- documents (copies of documents), sustaining person’s authority to sign the agreement with public corporation “Management  Company“Biotehnopark”;

- brief financial and economic evaluation of the project.

After that the documentation pack is passed on to consideration by the Council of Experts, and they have the authority to pass the project for presentation to the “Committee of Directors of Public Corporation “Managing Company “Biotehnopark”

At the last stage the applicant corporation concludes an agreement that grants it the status of a resident. The agreement holds applicant’s commitments on quantity and terms of realization of the investment project, demands on structural resources and resources of common use and commitments of public corporation “Management Corporation “Biotehnopark” on gratification on meeting mentioned demands.