First Siberian Plant

One of the anchor tenants of Biotechnopark - «First Siberian Plant ltd.» - initiated the construction of second to none in Russia plant for deep processing of grain.


A construction project of the plant for deep processing of grain is being executed on the 24,5 ha site of Biotechnopark on the basis of the long-term program "Construction of Science and Technology park in biotechnology in naukograd Koltsovo for 2011-2015", approved by the Government of the Novosibirsk region on 29.08.2011 №381-P.

Every year there will be processed over 230 thousand tons of wheat (700 tons/day) on the plant. Raw materials for the plant will be purchased from the farmers of the Novosibirsk region. The project contemplates creation of about 425 jobs.

Unique technology of future production provides a wide and diversified range of products with high efficiency and no waste. Core products of the plant will be dry gluten, bran, biogas, liquid glucose, organics, potable rectified ethanol. 

On the 14th of May at the meeting of Gubernatorial Investment Council of the Novosibirsk region the construction project of the plant for deep processing of grain was assigned a status of a strategic investment project of the Novosibirsk region.

This project contributes to the implementation of the State Agriculture Development Program for 2013-2020, approved by the Governmental Decree of 14.07.2012 № 717, as well as the The Comprehensive Program for Development of Biotechnology in the Russian Federation through 2020, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on 24.04.2012 №1853p-A8.

According to the project plan, the investment phase lasts 30 months from the start of construction in 2014 until the end of the capital investments and production start-up in 2016. The total cost of investments is valued at more than 7 billion rubles. 

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