Centre of Electron-beam Processing

It is known that by means of a stream of accelerated electrons one can cause chemical charges in substances, thereby giving desired properties to the product without residual nuclear radiation or any harm to people occurring. Today, with the help of electron beam accelerators, a range of different industrial operations are performed worldwide, including neutralization of hazardous waste production and processing a variety of materials - from medical devices to food.

At the initiative of the first resident - SFM-Farm company - there was created a Centre of Electron-Beam processing in Biotechnopark. Inside the territory of the first site, under unprecedented safety conditions, two electron-beam synthesis devices were installed, one of which is used for the production of pharmaceutical preparations. The second device is used for integrated sterilization of supplies of medical purpose, food products and experimentation on property change of familiar materials (glass, rubber, plastics, etc.)


Сибирский центр электронно-лучевой обработки

Sterilization with the use of electron accelerator is carried out by means of particles, accelerated to the light speed, with energy value from 2.5 to 10.0 MeV and power value from 1.0 to 100 kVt. Unlike other types of sterilization, this method is possessed of sufficient penetrating quality, allowing the processing of items without removing them from closed boxes and unit packages.

The company offers enterprises of the Siberian Federal District the opportunity to try the most advanced and effective method of sterilization and processing, which was approved by the World Health Organization. Now this method is preferred in more than 60 world countries and, according to the IAEA, annually, the EU only "purifies" more than 400 000 tons of various products.