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The legendary Cuban revolutionary's son visited Koltsovo Biotech

On March, 28 the eldest son of Cuban revolutionary, the namesake of his father, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, visited Koltsovo Biotech.



The scientist took this reference visit to learn about the potential and achievements of the Novosibirsk region. It is worth mentioning that unlike his father, who is a politician, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart tied his fate to the science and now he is Science Advisor to the Cuban State Council and the Deputy President of Cuban Academy of Sciences.



Taking into account the lack of time, Bekarev Andrey (Chairman of the board) and Kozhevnikov Vladimir (Director General to Koltsovo Biotech) gave a brief tour around the Common Use Center, describing its advantages and showing working space for medicine production. 



After that, realizing the great interest of the guest in nuclear physics, innovation, and the latest technologies, Fidel Castro was invited to see the Electron-Beam Center of "SFM-Pharm". Andrey Bekarev told that the cost of the set accelerator amounted to one million euros. The schemes of the bunker were developed by SFM-Pharm themselves. The scientist noted that he was familiar to the accelerators made by the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, some of which were successfully operating in Cuba.



Traditionally, the guests were asked to leave a commemorative note on the wall. Fidel Castro wrote in two languages: Good luck. Let grow stronger cooperation between Russia and Cuba.



At parting, Fidel Castro was given a working model of a moonshine still. Mr. Castro, in his turn, invited Koltsovo representatives to visit Cuba. In September, Havana will host a conference and an exhibition of nanobiotechnology. Andrey Bekarev told Cubans about his desire to attend this forum.


According to the results of the meetings a memorandum of intentions between the Novosibirsk region and the Republic of Cuba can be signed. Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Cuba in the Russian Federation Emilio Lozada Garcia told about that at the end of the visit.