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Sanctions can't directly affect the development of the Novosibirsk cluster

The Chairman of the Board (MC BioTechnopark Koltsovo) Andrei Bekarev speaks about the possible ways of the realization of innovative ideas and whether the sanctions affect the development of the clusters and other projects:

"To my mind, such external factors as sanctions have almost no impact on the development of the cluster. I even think that appeals to these sanctions may be beneficial. In fact, initially the establishment process of the clusters was not organized very well. Generally speaking, I would say it was by a chance. 

There were five clusters suggested - this concept included every area, more or less noticable in the region. The aim of a cluster is pretty clear - profit-making. Before this all projects of the region were really weak, so it would have been a big mistake to miss an opportunity to establish a cluster. But it was not a deliberate and balanced position at that moment. 

At first no one knew what a cluster was -  how to spend money, where to get them and so on. This indicates the absence of a strategic approach, strategic thinking in creating regional clusters. Even if we recall the plans for the strategic development of the region, which was made even by the Institute of Economics, they had a lot of areas, including even recycling of  birch!

In general, we have a lot of ideas and scientific research, but the problem was the one and only - it was not clear how to develop them. There is no real consumer of practical research and innovation. Also there is practically no industry that will take over the result. And often, everything remains in limbo. My favourite example is contracts for drug development: money is allocated and absorbed. But I have no example of a product reaching a consumer. It ends at the level of producing papers and reports. The same situation is with various "innovative" projects.

But in the end there are examples of no scientific works carried out at all. Moreover, I can say some things theoretically could not be made in such a short term, which was allocated for the development by the officials, and they might not have time to report. But they were said to be made...

The system, which claimed these developments, is also absent. The main problem of all innovative industries - not in money but in the consumption of their products or services. Returning to the subject of sanctions, when I say that they can theoretically be beneficial - I mean that you need a completely different way to talk to the officials. The time has come for this.

In consequence of the establisment of clusters we can say that now we have the production itself. Not just research, but also producing and launching onto the market. Without this final "market" phase there is no sense in producing anything. Just to produce is not enough - it is necessary to sell your product. After all, it is almost impossible to enter the market with the innovative product, especially in the field of pharmacology".


Based on materials from the Federal Press news agency