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New resident of Biotech

Company "Angioline" became the sixth resident of Biotech platform. The company has been manufacturing products for interventional cardiology - coronary stents, coronary balloon catheters, and other supplies for endovascular diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels - since 2008.


Prior to that, the company placed its production capacity only in Tecnopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The implementation of the project of building R&D center and production in Koltsovo Biotech will expand its product portfolio by 3-5 times and increase production capacity by 4 times. 


There the company plans to launch endovascular medical instruments for high-tech operations on the heart, brain, etc. 


Soon "Angioline" will construct its own building with a total area of 4.5 thousand sq.m., half of which will take production, center R & D - about 1 thousand sq.m. The number of staff employed is 150-300 people. 


According to company estimates, investment in construction and equipment ranges from 300 million rubles with a pay-back period in 3-4 years.


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