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On September, 23 Tomsk held the international forum "Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices", in which the leaders of GC SFM and BioTechnopark Koltsovo took an active hand

Discussion centred round the competitiveness of the Russian pharmaceutical production as compared to imported drugs, introduced to the domestic market aplenty, run like a golden thread through the forum.

Import substitution and prospects of Russian technological breakthrough in the development and production of drugs – these are the main issues, discussed on the plenary session, which was attended by  government officials, representatives of foreign bigpharm and domestic production.


Plenary session of the forum


Sergei Tsyb – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the RF


Ludmila Ogorodova – Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the RF


Andrey Vasilyev – Director of the Department for Innovation and Scientific Research, Ministry of Health of the RF


Sergei Sidorsky – Member of the Board (Minister) of Industry and Agriculture, the Eurasian Economic Commission


Andrey Artamonov – Director of Scientific Future Management


Danil Blinov – CEO of Pfizer in Russia

Against the background of adjusted and optimistic reports of the spokesmen, the report of Andrei Artamonov was a bombshell. He raised one of the topical issues of 'skewness' of the domestic pharmaceutical market towards foreign manufacturers.

After the report, discussion became more tense, it was obvious that nobody expected this issue to be raised.
Representatives of relevant ministries noted the interest of the government in enhancing the competitiveness of domestic production, but also they agreed, that it would be impossible to achieve without a series of bureaucratic exercises, that would contribute to the earliest development of Russian companies, their research and production. 

Propositions of Andrei Artamonov are expected to be considered at State level and processes, schemes and mechanisms that constrain the development of the domestic pharmacy can be adjusted, according to the report.


The roundtable "Localization of innovative biotechnological pharma in Russia: from theory to practice"


Sergei Tsyb, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the RF (on the left), Pavel Madonov, Scientific Director of GC SFM (on the right)


Eugene Pechkovsky, Deputy Director of BioTechnopark Koltsovo Future Development, Advisor to Director General of INVITRO LLC, participated in the roundtable "Prospects for the development of pharmaceutical and biomedical technologies in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus"