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Delegation of the 7th Framework Programme of EU visited BioTechnopark

June, 17 representatives of Polish and Bulgarian universities visited BioTechnopark. They are in Novosibirsk through the International Project of the 7th Framework Programme of EU "Functioning of local production systems in the economic crisis (comparative analysis and benchmarking for the EU and beyond)". The engagement manager is the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS, that initiated the very visit. The delegation also included representatives of the major European universities – the University of Lodz (more than 43 thousand students), Lodz (Poland) and the University of National and World Economy (more than 20 thousand students), Sofia (Bulgaria).


Common Use Center of BioTechnopark Koltsovo


According to the guests, the purpose of their visit – a deepening of theoretical research in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlocal production systems (including clusters, industrial parks, technopolises, FEZ, municipalities, etc.) and the strengthening of their practical application to improve the territorial organization of the economy and to overcome the global economic crisis. That is why the area of their interests includes practical experience of functioning and development of such platforms, their interaction with the State, investors, development institutions, etc.


Vladimir Kozhevnikov, the director general of BioTechnopark Koltsovo, arranged an excursion for the delegation


Though BioTechnopark is a comparatively new platform and has no solid experience in implementing projects but the guests thought highly of the concept of placing at the platform readymade ideas and business. Usually industrial parks are in demand among startups that require investment and time to start a full-fledged business. But primarily the site of BioTechnopark is ready for functioning business, operating manufactures, proven ideas. The Management of the innovation platform does not preclude placing of start-ups at the Common Use Center, but since there will be limited space and companies will have preferences for placement on the site and for use of high-tech equipment, then their selection will be made carefully. 


Electron-beam processing center of SFM-Pharm, the resident of BioTechnopark


The guests wished BioTechnopark speedy progress and expressed hope for a new meeting in the future, when there will be activities in full swing and the atmosphere will be full of new discoveries in biotechnologies.