BTP: History and activity

15.02.2010 a decision by the administration of Novosibirsk Region #55-pa “About the creation of scientific-technological park in the field of biotechnologies in the industrial community Koltsovo in Novosibirsk region” was published.

29.08.2011 it was corroborated by another decision by the government of Novosibirsk Region #381-p “About approval of the long-term task program “Creation of scientific-technological park on the biotechnologies field at Koltsovo naukograd for a four year period until 2015”

Koltsovo Biotechnopark is a project, initiated by the government of Novosibirsk Region and the administration of naukograd Koltsovo, for creation of scientific production platform, which accumulates developing companies, research and production in the field of biotechnologies and fields close to it (such as information technologies).

Total funds invested into the Biotechnopark Koltsovo by 2011 hit an amount of 457 million rubles including 200 million from the regional budget, 20 million from the municipal budget, and about 237 million rubles from individual investors. It is planned that the number of innovational projects by 2015 will be no less than 55; the number of high-technology work places, created by resident companies of Biotechnopark will be about 2000.


The total planned area of Biotechnopark, including key areas for the implementation of projects, is 114 hectares.

The construction of the first two buildings of the first resident SFM-Pharm is completed.

By the autumn of 2013 the Common Use Centre will be built. The total area of the new building for the residents is about 6000 sq.m. One half of the building will be occupied by laboratory production and certification centres. There will be office blocks of the residents, a conference room, presentation rooms and a conference hall in the other half.

Kozhevnikov Vladimir is a Director General of «JSC «MC Biotechnopark».