Who are we?

As you know – seeing is believing. So we invite you to visit the site of Biotechnopark personally. To do this send us your inquiry via the Ask a question form →. After that we will adjust the time of your visit. While you are considering the time that fits you, learn what we have for you.

Biotechnopark Koltsovo is:

1. Residents' "Biotechnopark Koltsovo" projects state support

Residents - are people working in Biotechnopark. All domestic problems must be minimized, administrative burdens must be eliminated - everything is done to support scientific and creative work.

We offer:

- immediate provision of land parcel for a long term lease. Registration takes less than a month!

- elictricity power supply, plumbing system and water supply connection is for free;

- a package of residents state support, afforded by Novosibirsk Oblast' legal system and considered as the best in Russia!

2. Comfortable and modern

Any working process, aiming at the result, should be started, first of all, with comfortable, cozy, meeting all technological requirements, working space.

Workers with a comfortable, cozy working space, that meets all the technological requirements, produce first-rate results.

Biotechnopark "Koltsovo" provides its residents with everything needed for effective work and creativity. For biotechnologies include creative work as well!
The advantages of Biotechnopark are:

- siting in Common Use Center on special terms;

- access to first-rate research equipment and laboratory support as well as possibility of laboratory manufacturing of medical products and samples for preclinical studies;

- flexible working space, specialized for your tusks and processes;

- access to broadband channels;

- access to the modern center of storage and handling of data.

3. Education and consulting.

It's important not only to create a technology but also to find business sponsor, introduce the product to the world market and to protect your owner's rights. We offer the following help:

- specialists training and retraining in the Biotechnopark awareness-raising center;

- promotion of projects in Russia and abroad (assistance in presentations, participation in an exhibitions and fairs);

- trade enquiries;

- business consulting and corporate training;

- registration and protection of intellectual property rights.

4. Communication and cooperation.

Like calls to like, so we create friendly atmosphere for our residents. Biotechnopark "Koltsovo" - is the center of attraction for students, scientists, research workers and developers.

We provide you with a possibility to be included into the international scientific and technical links, establishment of working contacts with research workers and developers of the best scientific Universities in Siberia and usage of their scientific potential.

We invite your colleagues from all over the world for the experience exchange and new discoveries.

Share your ideas in the framework of presentations, seminars, reports, lectures and open meetings.

We bring new generaion of perfect specialists up, cooperating with the major universities of our region. We need practicians, so that the theory is gripped in close vicinity to production.

5. The Centre of commercialization of residents' projects

If you are Biotechnopark resident - it means that commercialization of you your projects is out of question. We can work towards focusing the attention to your production both of commercial entities and public sector:

- venture funds concetration on the residents' projects;

- direct contact to successful businessmen;

- the state attention and interest guarantees access to close markets and state offers.